Field Session with the Fujifilm X-Pro1

Thanks to our good friend Terry Banet we had a chance to use the Fujifilm X-Pro1 for a morning. We shot raw and JPEG but used only the JPEG images so far.

We posted a full set of Field Test images

What do we think? We had the camera way to short to grasp is in any detail and Fuji is hardly ever sending us review cameras. But here are a fe initial thoughts:

  • Great JPEGs, excellent truthful colors and good detail
  • Good lenses (at least the 35mm and 60mm)
  • ISO amazing
  • Sensor delivers and no AA filter seems to pay off
  • No IS in lenses yet
  • AF so-so (you can hear the slowish AF motor)
  • Slow writing to card
  • No raw support in Lightroom yet (now it is supported in LR4.1)
  • Still the raw files don't seem to be compressed
  • OVF is not very precise
  • EVF is precise but not great
  • No diopter for the viewfinder (but you can use screw-in corrections lenses)
  • Auto-ISO can result in longer shutter speeds that may produce motion blur

Interesting camera, lenses and sensor. But not that cheap either. This of course depends where you come from a Leica or NEX-7.

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